What Is Noonan Syndrome?

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Our genetics help to determine a great deal about how we develop physically and mentally. Errors in copying DNA can happen during procreation, however, and some people are born with certain genetic disorders. One example of these conditions is Noonan syndrome, which occurs quite rarely.

Noonan syndrome causes people to take on different physical and facial characteristics than other people. It can also cause them other issues such as having problems with certain vital organs, as well as experiencing some mental difficulties. The symptoms can range in severity, and many people with the condition will live a relatively normal life.

1. Unusual Facial Features

We all have different facial features. It is usually easy to recognize an individual out of millions of different faces, although some people can look extraordinarily similar to others. Some people with certain medical conditions are even more likely to stand out from the crowd. People with Noonan syndrome are likely to have eyes that are set lower than other peoples. Their nose is likely to be sunken in at the top and they are likely to have a wider tip. In addition, the nose overall is likely to be wider. They are also likely to have a larger head than usual, with a low hairline at the back and a prominent forehead.

Noonan Syndrome

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