What Are Anxiety Disorders?

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Anxiety is a very natural emotion. It happens when certain hormones are released into our body, and these hormones help to ensure that we are in an alert state. This is important because there are times when being alert could literally save our lives. As important as it is for us, however, too much of it is bad for us.

Anxiety disorders are mental health conditions where the patient suffers from anxiety to unusual levels. They can feel anxious at times when there is no reason to, and the levels of anxiety they experience are also likely to be severe. It can be dangerous if it is left untreated, but treatment is available.

1. Overview

While stress and anxiety is quite normal, it will affect some peoples’ lives to the point where they can struggle to function. Anxiety disorders can incapacitate people to the point where they struggle to even leave their home. They can suffer from permanent apprehension about what is around them and what might happen at some point in the future.

There are different types of anxiety disorder. Each can be triggered in different ways and will also affect the patient in different ways. There is no cure for anxiety disorders, but treatment is available that can help to improve the patient’s quality of life considerably.

Anxiety Disorders

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