Shoulder Impingement Symptoms

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The shoulder joint is a joint that we often call upon, and it can sometimes be asked to do some quite heavy work. There is a portion of the shoulder joint termed the “subacromial space” that contains a bursa and two tendons. These structures can become impinged between the bones of the joint potentially causing aches, pains, and limited mobility.

This condition is known as a shoulder impingement and comes with a number of unwelcome symptoms. It is often treatable with medication and/or therapy, and surgery might be necessary in some cases. Here we take a look at some of the symptoms that the condition is likely to cause.

1. Constant Pain

It is difficult to imagine any physical sensation that is worse than pain. It is often quite unbearable, potentially leaving the patient incapacitated due to the agony they are going through. Fortunately, however, pain is usually fairly short lived and pain will usually decrease in severity as time goes by.

This is not always the case, though, and some people might experience pain constantly, depending on their condition. One such condition is shoulder impingement, which is likely to leave the patient in pain all of the time. Fortunately, the pain is only fairly mild, but is still enough to be quite uncomfortable for the patient.

Shoulder Impingement

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