10 Symptoms of a Schizoid Personality Disorder

The word ‘schizoid’ often induces notions of people that are crazy, unpredictable, and perhaps even dangerous. In reality though, people with schizoid personality disorders are usually nothing of the sort. Instead they are far more likely to be self-isolating, choosing to stay clear of people rather than causing disturbances.

Schizoid personality disorder, or SPD, generally manifests itself by aloofness and a desire to be alone 1. While some people with SPD can have quite normal relationships, many prefer not to get close to other people. Most SPD sufferers will often lead lives that are far from extraordinary on the outside but living a vivid and elaborate fantasy within.

Symptom #1: Prefer Being Alone

Most of us feel the need to be alone, at which point we are likely to seek out some peace and quiet away from other people. Such desires are usually only temporary though, and many of us will gladly seek out the company of others the majority of the time.

However, somebody with schizoid personality disorder will likely do whatever they can to keep clear of other people. They will tend to seek out solitary activities and will often be considered by others to be a loner. They are even likely to seek out employment that allows them to be alone, such as working in a library or as a security guard on the night shift.

Symptoms Of Schizoid Personality Disorder

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