10 Symptoms of Rheumatic Fever

By james
Jul 26, 2019
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Group A Streptococcus is the bacterium that is responsible for causing strep throat. It is also responsible for causing scarlet fever, which is less common. These conditions are potentially serious, although they are fairly easy to treat. If they are not treated, however, then further, more serious, problems can arise.

Rheumatic fever is an illness that leads on from strep throat and scarlet fever if they are not treated properly. It causes inflammation throughout the body, which is the cause of the symptoms associated with the disease.

It is quite rare in the West, but more common in other parts of the world. It is a potentially serious condition that should be treated as soon as possible.

Symptom #1: Fever

Having a fever does not necessarily mean that you have a serious illness. Indeed, they are actually quite common and will usually pass within a couple of days. They are a response by the immune system to the presence of a pathogen, and the body’s temperature is raised to try to kill the intruder.

Sometimes, though, the presence of a fever can indicate something potentially serious, such as rheumatic fever. Serious fevers can also run dangerously high and present a direct threat themselves, so the patient should be monitored closely at all times. This is especially the case when dealing with very young patients.

Rheumatic Fever

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