10 Oral Thrush Symptoms

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Candida albicans is a type of fungus that resides in the mouth all year round. People don’t usually notice that it’s even there, but sometimes it can grow out of control. When C. albicans gets out of control, it causes an infection known as oral thrush.

Oral thrush often occurs at times when the patient’s immune system is weaker than usual. It can be unpleasant and even painful, but it is usually harmless. Regardless, it should still be treated if possible.

Symptom #1: Difficulty Swallowing

Swallowing is a natural reflex. Even a newborn baby will immediately know how to swallow as it ingests its mother’s milk. Although swallowing is usually effortless, illness can make it quite painful. Oral thrush can make the soft tissues of the mouth feel quite sore.

As food and liquids pass over these tissues when people swallow, it can result in considerable pain. This can make it difficult to eat and drink, but it is important to maintain nutrition however possible.

Oral Thrush

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