10 Molluscum Contagiosum Symptoms

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Molluscum contagiosum is a unique and very interesting skin condition that is caused from a virus. As you would expect from the name of the condition, it is highly contagious and can be easily spread from person to person. It’s commonly passed on by sharing towels and clothing and people who engage in sports such as wrestling or acrobatics can contract the disease from coming into contact with an infected mat. It can also be passed on through simple skin-to-skin contact such as shaking hands or hugging.

One of the main and most defining symptoms of molluscum is the emergence of fleshy bumps on the skin. These can appear anywhere on the body and don’t always occur in clusters, although many patients have reported experiencing a number of bumps in a specific area, such as on the leg. The majority of patients report getting somewhere between ten and twenty bumps on their skin. These bumps tend to arise fairly quickly, and can constitute the entire duration of the disease. If the patient has a compromised immune system, however, they are much more likely to experience a higher number of bumps. For example, a patient with AIDS who also contracts molluscum may develop more than a hundred bumps.

The disease does not usually become contagious until the bumps actually emerge on the skin. At this point, it is highly advised to avoid skin-to-skin contact or sharing clothes. This phase usually occurs about 7 weeks after contracting the virus; some people do not experience the emergence of bumps for many months after coming into contact with an infected person. If you are wondering whether you or a loved one are struggling with molluscum contagiosum, then it could be useful to read this list of symptoms. Many of these symptoms are simply different types of bumps that people will experience when they develop the condition.

Symptom #1: Small, Dome-Shaped Bumps

When the bumps associated with molluscum are forming, they are often quite small and firm.

They appear shaped like a dome and can remain this way for several days before they begin to progress into more serious bumps. During this stage, they are not always uncomfortable and are usually not itchy.

Molluscum Contagiosum

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