10 Heat Rash Symptoms

Heat rash or prickly heat is a skin condition caused or worsened by exposure to heat or a hot environment. It is believed that the rash occurs due to blockage of sweat glands. The trapped sweat causes irritation that leads to a rash.

The condition affects skin in different parts of the body including the face, neck, back, groin, under the breasts, the abdomen, and the buttocks.

There is no age or gender bias when it comes to getting heat rash. However, it is more common in infants and children under 4 years, athletes, obese or overweight people, military personnel, people with problems of absence or decreased sweating, and those who are bedridden. Below are 10 heat rash symptoms to look out for.

Symptom #1: Clear Spots

As mentioned, excess heat can cause clogging of skin pores and sweat glands within the skin. This can cause clear spots to form on parts of the body. The clear spots may later be filled with fluid, which is actually sweat trapped under the skin. Usually, the spots appear in the initial stages of the heat rash. The spots may burst with time and release the fluid.

Children are more prone to these clear spots because of their underdeveloped immunity. Adults may also get them depending on their lifestyles and work environments. To get rid of these spots, try to keep the affected area clean and dry.

Heat Rash Symptoms

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