10 Causes of Solar Plexus Pain

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The celiac plexus is also known as the solar plexus due to the radiating nerve fibers. It is a complex network located in the abdomen.

It is formed by both the greater and lesser splanchnic nerves combined with the anterior and posterior vagal trunks. The celiac plexus is known as the solar plexus as it is located below the stomach where the superior mesenteric artery, celiac trunk, and renal arteries branch from the abdominal aorta.

There are various causes for solar plexus pain and 10 of these causes are discussed below.

Cause #1: Anxiety

Anxiety is an unpleasant emotion where there is a feeling or state of nervous behavior such as rumination, somatic complaints, and nervousness. It describes unpleasant feelings where there is dread about anticipated events such as having a feeling of imminent death.

It should not be confused with fear, which is in response to an immediate or real threat; anxiety regards possible threats. Anxiety is often accompanied by fatigue, concentration issues, muscular tension, and restlessness. Anxiety is one of the common causes of solar plexus pain.

Solar Plexus Pain

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