10 Causes Of Lightheadedness

By dr okoye okoye
Nov 6, 2018
Medical Expert Medical Expert

Lightheadedness, or dizziness, is a very common thing we experience in our day to day lives. From being simply feeling a bit tipsy to outright almost fainting, lightheadedness is common. We sometimes assume that it is just due to some minor thing, say the altitude of your position or spinning too much.

Even though it may sometimes mean next to nothing, lightheadedness may be a symptom of another more serious illness. If you think that you are experiencing lightheadedness too often, you should check with your nearest doctor because the cause of it might be one of these.

Cause #1: Vertigo

Vertigo may be the reason for lightheadedness if you are older. The reason why older people experience more of this is because cells breakdown as you age. This occurs when there is an underlying problem within your inner ear. Some of the things from your inner ear move inside your brain, thus causing that spinning feeling.

Sometimes, even a little injury on your head is enough to trigger your vertigo. You feel vertigo if you feel that everything around you seems to spin. Moving your head makes no change at all. It seems that this only makes the feeling worse.


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