Bartholin Cyst Causes, Treatments and More

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2. Complications of Bartholin's Cysts

Bartholin's cysts are not life-threatening conditions and can usually be treated quite easily. However, in some cases, they may recur and require further treatment that can eventually require surgical intervention via different procedures.

Furthermore, a cyst that has turned into an abscess can become severely infected and cause fever symptoms and increasing pain if not cut open, drained and forced to remain open with a catheter until no more liquid remains. Antibiotics are usually also prescribed during this process.4‘Bartholin Gland Cyst,’,5Omole, Folashade; Simmons, Barbara; Hacker,Yolanda. ‘Management Of Bartholin’s Duct Cyst and Gland Abscess,’ American Family Physician,

Bartholin Cyst

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