Top 10 Types of Parrots

Author By: Jamie Finch on 02 Jun, 2018

Type of Parrot #9: Blue and Yellow Macaw

Another parrot species that is very popular as a pet is the Blue and Yellow Macaw. This species originates from the rainforests in South America. Here, they feed on fruits and nuts. They have powerful beaks with which to break open even the toughest of nuts. They are known for their stunning plumage, which is partly what makes them such a popular choice of pet. They make their nests almost exclusively in dead palms, and pairs will mate for life. They can expect to up to 35 years old in the wild.

These are intelligent birds and have an excellent ability to mimic. In captivity, they crave the attention of their owners and will form very close bonds with them. While this makes them very good pets, they do need a lot of space and they also require a lot of mental stimulation. Although they have become extinct throughout much of their natural range, they are still thriving in plentiful numbers elsewhere.

Types of Parrots

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