Top 10 Titanoboa Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 16 Feb, 2018

The prehistoric world is fascinating, with evidence of exotic creatures that would be alien to us in today’s world. They ranged from very small, to very large, and have been the inspiration behind science fiction and fantasy books, movies and TV shows. Perhaps the most famous of all are the dinosaurs, but they are not the only fascinating creatures to have lived in prehistoric times.

Many of the creatures that lived in prehistoric times appear to be gigantic versions of animals that are alive today. Giant sloths, giant sharks, giant birds, and even giant snakes. Some snakes today can reach monstrous proportions, but they are nothing in comparison to some species that lived millions of years ago. The Titanoboa is one such species, and it is so large that it makes today’s largest snakes look small in comparison.

It would have lived in the thick, hot, tropical jungles of the time and was the largest known land predator for millions of years. We have collected complete fossils of this species which helps us to learn a lot about it. With so much information available about this giant species of snake, we also have access to many fascinating facts about it.

Titanoboa Fact #10: Raw Hunting Power

Modern snakes have different techniques to help them hunt and overpower their prey. Constrictors wrap themselves around their prey, using their muscular bodies to squeeze their prey’s lungs until they can no longer breathe. Venomous species inject their prey with venom, which will leave them unable to put up a fight, allowing the hunter to devour them unhindered. Some species simply use skill and power to catch and overcome their prey, using their superior strength to get their meal.

The Titanoboa used the latter method to eat, only on a much grander scale. It didn’t use constriction or venom, rather it used its sheer strength that gave its meal no chance. There was sophistication to the Titanoboa’s methods, it was a stealthy hunter that would take its prey by surprise. Even despite its enormous size, its camouflage enabled it to go unnoticed until it was too late for whichever animal was about to become dinner.


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