Top 10 Tiger Shark Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 13 Mar, 2018

The very word ‘shark’ often evokes enough fear for many people to stay out of the water. Reports of attacks are widespread, and nobody wants to be bitten by such a powerful set of jaws. Most of the time, though, sharks are pretty much harmless to us. They don’t consider us to be prey and they have little interest in us otherwise. Some species, however, are more dangerous than others. Among the most dangerous of all is the imposing tiger shark.

Tiger sharks are very large and powerful creatures, capable of causing a great deal of damage in a single bite. They have a frightening reputation and are considered to be the 2nd most dangerous shark species on the planet, second only to the infamous great white. Despite this, their reputation is still somewhat exaggerated and they are not as likely to attack as some would have you believe. In fact, the chances of you being attacked are really very low indeed.

These powerful creatures live fascinating lives and we are still learning more about them as we continue to study them. The more we learn, the more amazing facts we discover about them.

Tiger Shark Fact #10: Named for Their Stripes

The tiger shark gets its name for the stripes that are on the top and sides of its body. While they are most clearly visible in young sharks, they fade as the shark ages, but still remain visible to some degree. These help to break up the shark’s outline, making it difficult to spot, in much the same way the stripes work on the tigers we find on land. This camouflage helps to protect young, small sharks from becoming a meal for another animal. It also helps with hunting as it makes it easier for them to sneak up on prey unnoticed.

They also have different colors on top and below, which further helps to provide camouflage. The top side of their bodies are dark, which helps to make them difficult to spot when looking down from above. When underneath the shark, the light markings on their underside help it to blend in because of the brightness from the sunlight above.

Tiger Shark

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