Top 10 Tarantula Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 03 May, 2018

Tarantula Fact #9: Not Aggressive

Tarantulas have a pretty bad reputation and it is one that is mostly not deserved. While films and other media have them portrayed as a dangerous animal, the reality is somewhat different. Most species of tarantula are actually very docile and will usually have no intention of biting. They can usually be handled with no problem, provided you take care in doing so. Their venom is not particularly potent and symptoms of being bit are likened to a bee sting.

It is still wise to take care with them though. They could bite if they feel threatened or irritated, although they will likely give a warning before doing so. Some species of tarantula can be very aggressive indeed, so you should never try to pick one up unless you are sure which species it is. Although their venom is not particularly potent, there is the chance of it causing an allergic reaction in some people.


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