Top 10 Small Dog Breeds

Author By: Jamie Finch on 05 Feb, 2018

As popular as dogs may be, they can sometimes be quite a handful to take care of. Many breeds are quite large and need a lot of exercise if they are to stay fit and healthy. Their voracious appetites can also make it difficult to afford to feed them. This means that owning a dog is only really feasible for people that have the time and money to spare.

Another option, though, is to choose one of the many small dog breeds that are available. These are much less demanding where exercise is concerned and also require far less food. This generally makes small breeds far easier for people with fewer resources, and also ideal for people that live in small homes.

These breeds came about for a number of reasons. Some were bred small because it made them able to go into burrows where they could then flush out whatever was living in there. Others were bred just for aesthetics, and came to be small simply because smaller dogs were preferred by many people.

Whatever the reasons small dog breeds came into demand, they are among the most popular of all dog breeds today. Here’s a look at 10 of the most popular small dog breeds that you will find around the world.

Popular Small Dog Breed #10: Papillon

In French, papillon means butterfly, and is the name given to this breed because of the way their faces resemble the shape of a butterfly. We are able to trace the breed back to the 16th century because they were often depicted in works of art of the time. They were fairly common in portraits as they were a preferred pet to many of the ruling elite. It wasn’t until the 19th century, however, that the breed acquired its distinctive face for which it has been named.

The papillon is a bright, active dog that loves to exercise. They are known for their bravery even among larger dogs, and have been known to get into trouble because their bravery is not matched by their physical size. An intelligent breed, they are easy to train and love to please their owner.

The papillon’s striking good looks and intelligence make it a popular choice at shows. It also makes for a great pet at home with the family and is very good around young children.

Small Dog Breeds

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