Top 10 Siberian Cat Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 23 Feb, 2018

Russia is well known as a cold country with winter conditions that make it difficult to survive. The animals that live here have had to adapt to cope with the conditions, with evolution helping them to find a way. Cats are one of the planet’s greatest predators, but even they need to adapt or face perishing. One such cat is the Siberian cat and it has adapted to its environment very well. Ideally suited to its surroundings, they made home in the expansive taiga forest where they thrived. Some of these wild cats would have come into contact with man and, over many generations, a relationship between man and cat was forged. The Siberian cat is now happy to make its home in our houses and they make very good companions.

Although large and powerful, these cats are also docile and friendly. They have a cool, calm temperament and don’t become easily stressed. Despite their calm nature, however, they do need a lot of exercise and should be given the opportunity to do so. Their long, thick coats also mean that they require regular grooming.

These beautiful cats make wonderful family companions to have around the home and have some very interesting facts surrounding them.

Siberian Cat Fact #10: From Russia with Love

The Siberian cat originates from the world’s largest forest, the taiga, which covers a region that is part of Russia called Siberia. The taiga is a forest that endures the freezing conditions of northern Europe and Russia and, as such, those animals living there need to adapt, hence the Siberian cat’s long, thick coat. They would have come out of the forest to make the most of meals and other opportunities that could be found in and around human settlements. Gradually, they would have become increasingly domesticated, until they became the friendly house cat we know today.

The first known records of the Siberian cat were from around 1000 AD. They would have been popular pest control experts and were also a part of Russian folklore. The first known mention of the cat in Britain was in a book written in 1871. They did not reach America until the 1990s, however, when they were imported and quickly recognized by the cat fancier’s association.

Siberian Cat

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