Top 10 Siamese Cat Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 23 Feb, 2018

Many people find the East to be a place of mystery, with practices and customs different to those in the West. Indeed, the East has given the world many wonderous items and practices and is often a first port of call for exotic goods. The East has also been home to some of mankind’s oldest civilizations, with cultures dating back thousands of years. While spices and silks are among their most common exports, some breeds of cat have also come from the region. One is the famous Siamese cat and it is among the most popular of all.

The Siamese cat is known for being an extrovert and its devotion to its owners. They have a tendency to find a favorite person within their family and do what they can to be by their side at all times. In addition to wanting affection, they are just as eager to give it and are among the most loving of all breeds. The Siamese cat is very attractive which further helps to cement their popularity.

These cats make wonderful companions and family pets that will be loved by all. They also come with some very interesting facts.

Siamese Cat Fact #10: Come from Thailand

When we think of mighty empires, we tend to think of the European empires from the colonial period. At the time, Britain dominated the globe while the French and the Dutch had sizeable empires of their own. Another famous empire was the Roman empire, which helped to shape the world as we know it today. One empire that often gets overlooked is the mighty Siamese empire which was a force to reckoned with in South East Asia. The Siamese empire bought much to the world, including a very well-known breed of cat.

The Siamese cat is so called after its place of origin, Siam, which is now known as Thailand. Despite originating from Thailand, they are quite a rare breed in their native country. Legend has it that, upon sacking the ancient city of Ayutthaya, a Burmese king declared that anybody owning one would become wealthy, so the cats were taken back to Burma. This story is often used to explain the absence of the breed in its native country.

Siamese Cat

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