Top 10 Savannah Cat Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 23 Feb, 2018

Few people would disagree that cats are beautiful animals. While many house cat breeds have been bred to become cute and fluffy, their ancestors tend to be more lithe and powerful. Their sleek and muscular bodies are a joy to look at, particularly in those that live in the wild. However, despite their stunning looks, you wouldn’t want many cats in your home. Aside from house cats, felines tend to be powerful and aggressive creatures armed with fearsome claws and teeth. You wouldn’t want to upset one, but some can be bred to have more docile personalities.

In the plains of Africa lives the serval which is a medium sized cat. While not as large and powerful as lions or even cheetahs, they are still wild in every way. By taking these beautiful wild cats and breeding them with domestic cats, we have been able to create a version that is much more suited to the home. It is the savannah cat, and they retain much of the appearance of their wild lineage while adopting the placid nature of house cats.

These beautiful animals are a fascinating example of what can be achieved with selective breeding and come associated with some interesting facts.

Savannah Cat Fact #10: New Breed

Mankind started domesticating cats thousands of years ago. At first, wild cats would have started staying close to human settlements because people would have provided a source of food. In return, the cats would help to keep vermin to a minimum, meaning that they became welcome guests. As the cats evolved they would become more used to being around people from generation to generation. They would eventually start living in our homes as part of our families, and we would begin to use selective breeding to select the characteristics that we prefer.

Most domesticated cats today have domestic lineages stretching back hundreds or even thousands of years. Some breeds, however, have arrived far more recently such as the savannah cat. In fact, we know that the 7th April 1986 was the day that the first savannah kitten was born, and a wonderful new breed came into the world for the first time.

Savannah Cat

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