Top 10 Russian Blue Cat Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 19 Feb, 2018

Cats nowadays are usually bred for their appearance as opposed to practical purposes such as pest control. As people have so many different personal preferences, cats come in a variety of shapes, patterns and colors. One of the most interesting and most desirable colors is the blue/silver of some cat breeds. These cat breeds are in demand such breed is the Russian blue. As well as having an interesting color, the Russian blue cat has a soft, dense fur that feels silky smooth to the touch. Its fur would have helped it to handle the cold of its place of origin in Russia.

In addition to its beautiful coat, the Russian blue is also known as an excellent companion. It forms very close bonds with its owners and devotedly stays near them at any given opportunity. Despite their devotion to their owner, however, they are a shy breed and keep their distance from people they don’t know well. The Russian blue is an intelligent breed and can even tune into their owners’ emotions.

The Russian blue is a popular breed that has found loving homes all over the world. They make excellent companions and come with some very interesting facts.

Russian Blue Cat Fact #10: Originate from Russia

You won’t win any prizes for guessing where the Russian blue came from even though names are not always a giveaway. As far as we can trace back, the Russian blue is very much a Russian cat and it is thought that they are the descendants of pets to the tsars. The Russian blue’s thick coat would have helped it to survive in the cold climate, although this might also have worked against them as it is thought that they may have been hunted for their warmth providing fur.

Some say that it was in the 1860s that Russian blues were imported to Britain and mainland Europe. They would have been taken over by sailors sailing from Arkhangelsk, a Russian port city. The English name for the port is Archangel which would explain why the Russian blue used to be called the Archangel blue.

Russian Blue Cat

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