Top 10 Rhinoceros Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 25 Feb, 2018

With so many dangers in the world, animals need to find solutions to the problems if they are to survive. One solution is to become so large and powerful that other animals cannot present a threat to you. This is fairly common throughout the animal kingdom, and there are some very large and powerful animals on earth. One animal that has adopted this solution is the rhino and they have become very powerful indeed. Aside from the elephant, there is currently no land animal that is larger.

Armed with a horn that can inflict serious wounds, the rhino also has a thick hide to protect their soft flesh inside. Although it is a fearsome beast, it is in fact a peaceful animal that only attacks when it feels threatened. The rhino would much rather spend its days grazing away on vegetation and wallowing in a mud bath. For the most part, it lives harmoniously with the other animals it shares its world with, except for when a predator comes along.

The rhino is among the most fascinating of all animals that we share the planet with, and we have learned some amazing facts about them.

Rhinoceros Fact #10: Five Species

There are currently five species of rhinoceros living on Earth and they are found in Africa, India and Indonesia. The largest of these is the white rhino, which is also the most populous of all rhino species. The white rhino is found in Africa along with the smaller black rhino. There is estimated to be just under 5,000 black rhinos remaining, with numbers having recovered slightly from 2,410 in 1995.

There is also the Indian rhino, which is the second largest of all rhino species and just a little smaller than the white rhino. These rhinos are found in national parks in India, with a handful of in Pakistan. The most recent estimates put the population of Indian rhinos at around 3,500. The Javan rhino is the third largest, while the Sumatran is the smallest of all. The Javan and Sumatran rhinos are also the most at risk with their populations estimated at being only in the hundreds.


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