Top 10 Rattlesnake Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 08 Feb, 2018

A walk in the American wilderness can require preparation. Under the rocks, logs and plants can be found a creature that has, for generations, struck fear into the people that live there, attaining a legendary status far and wide. It is well camouflaged, so there’s a chance you might sneak up on it accidently. With luck, though, you will hear a distinctive warning that will tell you to keep well clear.

It is the rattlesnake, and the name alone is enough to send shivers down the spine. Their reputation is not undeserved, they have large fangs capable of injecting a potent venom. They need to be respected at all times, especially when you are in their territory.

As with so many other dangerous species, the rattlesnake would much rather mind its own business than tangle with people. Respect them and play it safe, and they become far less dangerous than they otherwise would be.

These potentially deadly creatures are also fascinating and have experts flocking to learn more about them. There are some facts about the rattlesnake that can be useful and interesting to just about anybody.

Rattlesnake Fact #10: Dangerous Babies

The rattlesnake would be a lot more dangerous if it were not for that famous rattle of theirs. It serves as a warning that you are getting too close, preventing people from getting bitten. They don’t want to bite, they are just defending themselves, but bite they will if they feel they have no choice.

Young rattlesnakes, however, have not yet developed this warning mechanism. This means they are unable to warn you of the danger they pose. In addition, they are still just as venomous as a full-grown rattlesnake, and have fangs that can penetrate the skin to inject their venom. What’s more, they also tend to be more aggressive, making them more likely to bite.

If you are going to be walking in rattlesnake country, be alert to the danger. You can’t rely on the warning rattle alone and you may get bit without warning.


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