Top 10 Rainforest Animals

Author By: Jamie Finch on 06 May, 2018

Rainforest Animal #9: Orangutan

The orangutan is one of mankind’s closest relatives on Earth. They are very peaceful animals, spending much of their lives eating fruit and other vegetation in the treetops. They will also eat insects and bird’s eggs when given the opportunity to do so. They are currently found only in the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia where they live mostly solitary lives. They are very intelligent creatures and are known for their ability to use tools.

Unfortunately, we are at risk of losing these graceful creatures altogether. Currently listed as a critically endangered species, the orangutan is losing its habitat at an alarming rate as the rainforests in its range are chopped down for farmland. In addition to a loss of habitat, they are also suffering as they as killed for bushmeat and body parts. Mothers are also often killed so that their babies can be taken for the pet trade.

Rainforest Animals

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