Top 10 Python Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 11 Jun, 2018

Python Fact #9: Thirty One Python Species

Pythons are very successful animals, and can be found living in a wide range of environments throughout Africa, Asia and Australasia. They can also vary significantly in size and appearance. The largest, the reticulated python, is the world’s longest species while the anthill python measures in at just around 20 inches long. Also known as the pocket python due to its small size, the anthill python gets its name from being found in termite mounds where it makes its home. It is also a popular pet as they are easy to take care of and don’t require much space due to their small size.

Another type of python that makes a popular pet is the royal python, also known as the ball python. This species is considerably smaller than the reticulated python, but still an impressive animal at around 5 feet long. If you are considering taking on a python as a pet, you should do your research first to be absolutely sure that you know what you are getting yourself into.


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