Top 10 Pug Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 16 Feb, 2018

With its squashed face and wrinkled skin, the Pug is a dog with a charming appearance that appeals to many potential owners. In addition to the way it looks, it is also favored for its outgoing and friendly personality, and is among the most popular breeds on the planet. Pugs are also fairly small dogs, making them suitable for people that live in small apartments or who are unable to provide a lot of exercise.

The Pug has a very playful character and just wants to have fun, making them popular pets among children. They are also good around children, with the patience that is required when playing with kids. Though quite small, they are robust enough to handle the rough handling children tend to use.

Although they require only limited exercise, they crave attention and don’t do well if left alone for long periods. They just love to be around their owners, and want to please whenever they possibly can. They are known to follow their owners from room to room, wanting to get in on anything that is going on.

The pug makes a great companion for the whole family, and there are also some fascinating facts about them.

Pug Facts #10: Ancient Times

The pug is an ancient breed, with some estimates dating them back 2,400 years ago. They could even be considerably older than that. Because of this, there are few details about their origins, but there are some things we do know. Pugs were bred in Tibetan monasteries by Buddhist monks, and were kept as companion dogs. There are references to a breed known as “lo-sze”, and it is thought that these are ancestors of pugs, or may even have actually been pugs.

They were gifted by the monks to members of the Chinese elite, where they became very highly treasured. Western merchants then started taking them to the West where they saw their popularity rise. They have been favored by some very famous people throughout history, and are among the most popular breeds of dog on the planet today.


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