Top 10 Puffer Fish Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 07 Mar, 2018

Fish are a favored food to different cultures throughout the world. Not only do they taste great, they are also nutritious, and they are found on menus all over the globe. One species of fish can be very different from another and not all are favored choices for a meal. Some fish are just not as tasty as others, while others can literally kill. Fugu fish is a delicacy that is found throughout most restaurants in Japan. Despite its popularity, it is highly toxic and can easily kill a man. The Fugu Fish is better known to us as the pufferfish, and it can be found in oceans throughout the world.

The pufferfish is a very successful species and has populated warm tropical waters throughout the planet. They are perhaps best known for their ability to inflate themselves when threatened, their striking spines make a great defense mechanism.

The pufferfish has many interesting characteristics which make them fascinating animals to us.

Puffer Fish Fact #10: Pufferfish Puff Themselves Up When Threatened

The wild can be a very dangerous place to be, with other animals always looking for an opportunity to make a meal out of you at any moment. The oceans are no different, and very few animals here are safe from attack. As a result, different animals come up with different ways of defending themselves from attack, and they can come up with some very interesting solutions. One solution can be to deter potential predators by making them think you are larger and more powerful than you really are. Fool predators into thinking you are too large for them to take on and they are likely to look for a meal from elsewhere.

The pufferfish does this to great effect by puffing themselves up into a ball. They do this by intaking a lot of water, in much the same way that you would inflate a balloon by blowing air into it. It is certainly very effective, and the pufferfish is usually left alone to live another day.

Puffer Fish

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