Top 10 Popular Guard Dogs

Author By: Jamie Finch on 27 May, 2018

Man’s best friend has lived alongside us for tens of thousands of years. They originally were wild wolves that came close to human settlements, where they found food. In return, the people living there received protection, and one of the planet’s greatest symbiotic relationships started. Over time, the wolves become increasingly used to being around people and eventually evolved to become domesticated dogs. While their wolf relatives are still alive today, today’s domesticated dogs have become very diverse.

In the modern world, dogs serve mainly as companions. Their temperaments have generally changed so that they become more placid around the home, although many breeds have retained other qualities. Many dog breeds also make excellent guard dogs. Large and powerful, they can deter would-be intruders from breaking and entering, or deal directly with any danger that presents itself. Some breeds are used to help guard the family, or fulfil working roles with police forces and the military.

Whether or not a breed is suitable for the role of guard dog depends on a number of factors. Here’s a selection of some breeds that are best suited to the role.

Popular Guard Dog #10: German Shepherd

The German shepherd is arguably the world’s favourite breed of guard dog. They are large dogs and pack a powerful bite. Their sheer presence alone is likely to deter intruders. In addition to size and power, they also have intelligence and are among the quickest learning of all dog breeds. They can be trained relatively easily and are used by police forces and militaries around the world.

In addition to making excellent guard dogs, German shepherds also make excellent family pets. They are loving and devoted and will do what they can to protect their family from harm. These are large and powerful dogs, so they are not suitable for everybody. They also require a great deal of exercise, so they should only be taken on by people with the time to spare.

Popular Guard Dogs

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