Top 10 Poisonous Snakes

Author By: Jamie Finch on 30 Apr, 2018

Poisonous Snake #9: Mamba

The mamba is another species of snake with a terrifying reputation, and it is one that is not undeserved. There are four known species of mamba and they are all found in sub-Saharan Africa. Throughout their range, the people that live there share myths and stories about these snakes that are born from their fearsome reputation. They are known to enter human settlements, increasing the chances of people being bitten by them.

The most dangerous and the most feared, is the black mamba. Not only do these snakes have a highly toxic venom, but they also produce a lot of it. If somebody is unable to find medical assistance after a bite from a black mamba, then death is certain. The black mamba is also a large snake, generally growing to be around 10 feet long, with the largest recorded at 14.8 feet. While one would usually flee from people if it is able to, it is likely to strike if it is cornered.

Poisonous Snakes

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