Top 10 Persian Cat Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 18 Feb, 2018

There are numerous breeds of cat with different physical characteristics such as coat length, facial features and body size. Another characteristic that is often important to cat owners is their personalities. While individuals will have their own personalities, you can still expect a general type of personality associated with certain breeds. Some are active and independent, some are more doting, while others just like to lay around and do as little as possible. Those that are docile and not particularly active tend to be the easiest to care for, making them a popular choice as pet. One such breed is the Persian, and they are very popular indeed.

In addition to their lazy placidness, the Persian cat is also liked for its appearance. Its soft fur makes it very desirable as do its unusual facial features. They can be found in a range of colors and even in a selection of different sizes. For many people they are the perfect house cat and make great companions.

The Persian is one of the most popular breeds of cat on the planet and has been for a very long time. Alongside their highly desirable features, they are many interesting facts about them.

Persian Cat Fact #10: World’s First Cat Show

Cats have been a companion of mankind for thousands of years. To begin with, they would have hung around our settlements and made the most of scraps while also picking off vermin. Their ability to control levels of vermin meant that we not only tolerated them, but even welcomed them. The more closely entwined they became in our lives, the more we welcomed them into our homes. Eventually, they became more than just a natural pest control system, but a part of our families.

As family pets, we started to look to them for aesthetic appeal as well as small hunters and we even started holding shows to determine the best looking of them. In 1871 in London, the first ever official cat show was held with Persians as entrants. It was a Persian that picked up the ‘best in show’ award in the popular event that attracted over 20,000 people.

Persian Cat

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