Top 10 Orca Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 20 Feb, 2018

Life in the wild can be very tough and very ruthless. Nearly all wild animals are food for other animals and can find themselves being dinner at any moment. In addition to avoiding being eaten, it is also necessary to eat to survive and some species have become very effective hunters as a result. Among the most impressive hunters of all is a giant that lives in our oceans. Few sea animals can escape them, and none can outsmart them. They are the orcas, the largest, and among the most ruthless predators on earth.

We have been fascinated by orcas ever since we first discovered them. In addition to their raw power and ruthlessness, there is also a keen intelligence. The more we learn about them, the more we discover that they can also be caring and compassionate animals that are simply trying to survive in a harsh world. Their ability to work together as a team continues to impress us, and we are still learning more about their abilities as time goes by.

You may have seen them in waterparks, but they really belong in the vast oceans. They are simply wonderful animals with many interesting facts to be learned about them.

Orca Fact #10: Orcas Are Not Whales

Despite being commonly known as killer whales, orcas are not whales at all. It is thought that their name came about because of the fact that they have been observed hunting and killing whales. As such, they used to be known as whale killers, and over time the name changed to killer whales. One thing that has not changed is their tendency to hunt and kill whales. Even the largest of all whales is no match for a pod of hungry killer whales.

Orcas are a member of the Delphinidae family which we tend to know better as dolphins. They are considerably larger than most other dolphins as well as a lot deadlier. Such is the stature of orcas that they are not preyed upon by any other animal in the ocean. The only real threat to them is mankind. Even then, the threat is more down to us damaging their environment than presenting a direct danger.


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