Top 10 Norwegian Forest Cat Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 24 Feb, 2018

The world used to be a much harder place for people than it is today. Without modern conveniences and modern society, people had to be a lot tougher to survive. One group of people that were particularly tough were the Vikings and they gained a fearsome reputation during their time. It wasn’t only people of the time that had to be tough, of course. The animals that lived with the Vikings also had to endure the tough conditions and as such, became tough animals. One such animal was the Norwegian forest cat and it could comfortably live in conditions that other animals would struggle in.

Such is the beauty and grace of the Norwegian forest cat that it become the stuff of legends and was apparently favored by the gods. It would accompany the Vikings on their journeys across oceans, where they would help to manage the populations of mice and rats that had stowed away onboard the longboats. As time went by, and modern times approached, the breed was appreciated for its natural beauty and became a popular choice as a pet.

The Norwegian forest cat is an amazing animal with an incredible history and some interesting facts.

Norwegian Forest Cat Fact #10: Ancestors Probably Lived with the Vikings

The Vikings are an early group of people that have triggered the imagination for generations. Known for their fearsome fighting ability and mastery of the seas, they were once the scourge of Britain and much of Mainland Europe. Their reputation was such that they will go down in legends forever and stories about them are still told today. They didn’t do it all alone, though, and they would have had companions on their long ocean journeys. The Vikings would likely have had cats on board their ships to help deal with mice and rats and these were likely the ancestors of the Norwegian forest cat.

These cats may have initially been bought to Norway by Vikings from elsewhere. There, they would have adapted to the climate and bred with native cats to become the Norwegian forest cats that we know today. Now, although their vermin hunting skills are not valued as much as they used to be, they are making themselves a very popular pet to have around the home.

Norwegian Forest Cat

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