Top 10 Maine Coon Cat Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 22 Feb, 2018

Domestic cats come in all shapes and sizes. Mostly they are quite small and ideal for having around the home. Some, however, can get surprisingly large and can be more of a handful. The Maine Coon is one such breed, and they are the largest domestic cat of all. With their heritage from the wild cats of the icy climes of northern Europe, they are a hardy breed and perfectly adapted to cold weather. They are equally at home lazing around the house though and make for wonderful companions, being good even around children, and just love to play and be the center of attention.

Not only are Maine Coons large in size, they are also large in personality. They are very friendly cats and just love to give and receive attention. Such is their friendliness that their owners tend to think of them more as dogs than cats. They like to tell you that they are there, always wanting a chat whenever you are around. They also make excellent show cats, although they are equally happy just to be a house cat.

For people that are able to take on such a large cat, the Maine Coon makes for an excellent companion. They are truly spectacular felines with some wonderful facts about them.

Maine Coon Cat Fact #10: Largest Domestic Cat Breed

Of all domestic cat breeds, Maine Coons are the largest and tend to reach around 40 inches long when they are fully grown. The longest ever recorded was a male by the name of Stewie. Stewie was 48.5 inches long before he passed away in 2013. The record for the longest living domestic cat is currently held by a Maine Coon by the name of Ludo, who lives in the UK. This breed will generally reach around 8.2kg on average, although larger individuals will weigh more.

Maine Coons have a large skeleton and are a thick-set, muscular breed of cat. They often overlap wild cats such as the Eurasian lynx in size, and are sometimes confused with Bobcats. While they are large cats, they are also known for their gentle nature, and are often called the ‘gentle giants’ of the domestic cat world.

Maine Coon Cat

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