Top 10 Lion Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 24 Feb, 2018

Despite the vast variety of species on earth, some have really captured the imagination more than others. Some animals are so awe-inspiring that they become the subject of legends, and the topic of stories that are passed down from generation to generation. One such animal is the lion, and it is among the most impressive beasts on Planet Earth today. While we are more likely to see one in a zoo, tourists travel in their millions each year to try and spot one of these magnificent animals in the wild. As usual, though, our influence means that even these majestic animals are at risk of disappearing from our planet altogether.

Lions are large, powerful predators that are perfectly adapted to life on the plains of Africa. There, they can be found lazing in the shade or hunting down their favorite prey, with animals such as wildebeest and zebra under constant threat from these big cats. Using power and teamwork, few animals on the plains of Africa are safe from these fearsome predators.

These incredible animals live fascinating lives in the wild, and have long been the subject of studies so we can learn more about them. These wonderful cats come associated with some interesting facts.

Lion Fact #10: Live in Prides

As individuals, lions are large, powerful animals. This might make some people think that they live alone, but they are actually very sociable animals. Lions live in tight family groups and they do pretty much everything together, even though some individuals will have different roles to others. Some are given the job of protecting the pride, some catch the food, while others will look after the cubs.

Living in this way gives the lions a number of advantages. Working together, they are able to take on bigger prey, giving them more opportunities for a meal. They are also able to take care of each other in a land that poses dangers even for an animal this powerful. The bonds are often very tight, with close individual relationships existing within the pride. Messing with a lion in the wild is a very bad idea, largely because if you mess with one, you mess with the whole family.


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