Top 10 King Snake Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 23 Jun, 2018

One of America’s most common species of snake is also one of its most colorful. You will find them all over North America, and they come in many colors. King snakes come in a wide range of colors, and are often seen in movies because of their striking colorings.

They are also often used to depict venomous species in movies because they share similar markings to them. Despite looking similar to some venomous species of snake, however, the king snake is harmless to people. They contain no venom and are not large enough to do us any real harm.

The King snake actually gets its name from the fact that it likes to feast on other snakes. They will happily feast on venomous snakes, including those that do pose a very real danger to us. They also make very good pets and are quite a docile breed unless they feel threatened. If you do see one in the wild, it is best to just let it go on its way.

King snakes are generally very attractive snakes and live fascinating lives. When you have such a interesting animal, there will always be some fascinating facts about them.

King Snake Fact #10: They Eat Snakes

Snakes are often given a bad reputation because of the way that they hunt and kill other animals, but they need to eat just as we do. Food is essential if an animal is to survive, and the king snake is no exception. What a snake will eat depends on a number of factors. These include what prey is available, the difficulty in finding and catching it, and the size of the prey in comparison to the snake.

For the king snake, this mostly means small mammals, birds, birds eggs and lizards. They are also known to feed on other snakes, including other king snakes, if they get the opportunity to do so. Some kingsnakes live near water, and they are also likely to take turtles and turtle eggs. When in captivity, they are generally fed mice, rats and chicks. Generally speaking, if they can catch it and overpower it, then they will eat it.

King Snake

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