Top 10 King Cobra Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 05 Jun, 2018

King Cobra Fact #9: Distinctive Warning

As with most other snakes, king cobras would rather avoid people where possible. If they can, they will happily slither away to avoid contact, but it doesn’t always work that way. We may sometimes surprise them before they have a chance to escape, and this can lead to a very dangerous situation.

If you do find yourself face to face with an angry king cobra, though, they are at least likely to give you a warning that you should back off. They raise the front part of their body and flatten their hoods, making themselves look as large as possible. In a snake the size of a king cobra, this can be very intimidating indeed.

In addition to their intimidating display, they also have a deep, loud hiss that sounds similar to a growl from a large dog. Regardless of the circumstances, if a king cobra is warning you away, it is advised to heed the caution and leave them well alone.

King Cobra

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