Top 10 King Cobra Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 05 Jun, 2018

Snakes are feared around the world, but there are some species that send shivers down the spine more than others. Many species are completely harmless to us. Others may be able to give a nasty bite, but otherwise present no real danger. A few, however, are very much a danger to us and should be avoided at all costs. One such creature is the majestic king cobra, and it is very dangerous indeed.

The king cobra has a venom that can easily kill a man, and fangs that penetrate deep to inject venom where it can do the most damage. They are man-killers, and fatalities occur every year. They are not just mindless murderers, though, and would rather avoid us where possible. When they do bite, they usually do it out of self-defence, and don’t go actively searching for victims. Provided you take precautions, you should be safe, so listen to the experts if you find yourself in king cobra territory.

While they are dangerous, they are also fascinating, and have often found themselves the subject of myth and folklore. With such a fascinating creature come fascinating facts, and here are just a few of the most interesting.

King Cobra Fact #10: Longest Venomous Snake

In addition to being among the most venomous snakes, king cobras are also a very large species. In fact, they are the largest of all venomous snake species. While they don’t measure up to the non-venomous reticulated python, which can grow more than an incredible 25 feet, they can still reach an impressive 10 to 13 feet long. The longest ever recorded was a captive individual, which lived at London Zoo, that was 18 feet, 9 inches long.

A snake of that length is also going to be quite heavy and, although they are a fairly slim species, they still tend to weigh in at around 20 pounds in the wild. The heaviest captive individual ever recorded lived at New York Zoological Park and weighed 26 pounds, while the heaviest wild individual was weighed at 18 pounds. Such a large snake makes for an imposing figure that will command respect from anybody that happens to come across one in person.

King Cobra

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