Top 10 Horse Breeds

Author By: Jamie Finch on 04 Feb, 2018

Popular Horse Breeds #9: Percheron

Another powerful horse that was initially bred for war, the Percheron is also known for its intelligence and willingness to work. As demand for them as a warhorse declined, they were used more frequently as draft horses thanks to their size and strength. The Percheron was a popular choice in the logging industry in particular thanks to their compact build. A flexible breed, the Percheron has also been used in equestrian sports such as dressage and show jumping in England. It is also bred for meat in its native country, France.

The Percheron saw strong exports to Britain and America in the early to mid-20th century where they still remain a popular breed today. They are often bred with other, smaller and faster breeds to create sporting hybrids.

As a cold-blooded breed, these gentle giants, have a mild temperament and a willingness to please. They make an ideal choice for novice riders that would like to gain more experience and confidence before moving on to more challenging breeds.

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