Top 10 Hammerhead Shark Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 01 Mar, 2018

Pretty much anybody that has spent time sailing in tropical waters will be able to tell of you quite a chilling sight. Sharks, hundreds of them, all gathered in the same place. Depending on your location, large gatherings like this are likely to be of one particular type of shark: the famous hammerhead. With their distinctively shaped heads, they are the stuff of legend, and are feared throughout their territory.

Their fearsome reputation is not deserved, very few attacks on people by hammerheads have ever been recorded. Instead, they have much more to fear from us than we do of them, and they have been hunted to near extinction in some places. Indeed, hammerhead sharks, along with other species, are subjected to incredibly cruel treatment that causes unwarranted pain and suffering. All so that we can have a bowl of soup.

Although they pose little risk to us, hammerheads are frightening predators to other marine life. The way that they can use their senses to hunt and navigate their environment is something that we are still learning about. However, there are some amazing facts that we already know.

Hammerhead Shark Fact #10: Beneficial Head Shape

Hammerheads get their names from their oddly shaped head. It is also something that makes them instantly recognisable. Their heads are not shaped that way just for our amusement, the shape is very beneficial to the shark, it helps them to locate food and be more aware of their surroundings.

With their eyes located far apart from each other, hammerheads have excellent depth of vision, allowing them to judge distances between themselves and their prey with pinpoint accuracy. With their eyes located on the sides as they are, they also have an excellent field of vision and are able to see all around them at all times. In addition, their heads are packed with sensory equipment that is able to detect electrical fields. With so much sophisticated equipment helping it to find its prey, it’s no wonder the hammerhead shark is such an effective hunter.

Hammerhead Shark

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