Top 10 Giraffe Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 25 Feb, 2018

When people go to a zoo, there is usually one or two favorite animals that people want to see, despite there being a huge selection to choose from. Quite often, one of these favorites is the giraffe and for a very good reason. Standing at around 18 feet, they make for a truly impressive sight, towering over any other animal nearby. The giraffe’s extraordinary height has helped them to survive in what is otherwise a very harsh habitat. They are very peaceful animals, gently grazing on foliage in groups with other grazing animals.

Unfortunately, the planet’s deadliest animal, mankind, has had a terrible impact on the giraffe’s numbers. The giraffe has been hunted mercilessly for meat, for souvenirs and even just for sport. None of the sub-species of giraffe are safe, and some are in very real danger of becoming extinct. Despite protection, poachers are still a threat to these gentle and graceful creatures, while a changing climate also puts them at further risk of being lost forever.

The giraffe is truly an extraordinary animal that lives a fascinating life in the wild. As such, they are also surrounded by many interesting facts.

Giraffe Fact #10: World’s Tallest Animal

With so many different solutions to living in a particular environment, we see a huge variety of different animal species emerge. Among them tend to be record breakers, as they become the heaviest, the smallest, the fastest, or whichever characteristic their evolutionary path took them down.

For the giraffe, the solution was to grow tall with unusually long necks. On average, a giraffe will reach around 18.7 feet tall, with the tallest recorded at 19.3 feet. As well as being tall, they are also very heavy animals, with males weighing in at their heaviest around 4,250 lb. Even their calves are around six feet tall when they are born, making them already taller than most people. They have a lot of growing to do to reach full size and will grow around one inch taller every day.


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