Top 10 Garter Snake Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 20 Jun, 2018

North America is home to some of the world’s most dangerous species of snake. In some parts of the country venomous vipers will strike anybody that comes too close, leading people to believe all snakes are to be feared. Not all snakes are dangerous, however, and some are positively harmless to us. One such species is the garter snake, which can be found throughout North America. It can even be found in the cooler northern climes where you may not expect to find a reptile of any sort.

If you do come across a garter snake, there is no need to be alarmed. They possess only a very mild venom which is harmless to us, and don’t have the size or strength to be a threat otherwise. In fact, they can be useful to have around as they can help to keep some pests under control. Some garter snakes are known for their striking colours, a trait which helps make them popular pets. They are also easy to take care of and are fairly docile, helping drive the demand for them as pets.

These beautiful, harmless animals live interesting lives throughout their habitats. There are also some very interesting facts surrounding them.

Garter Snake #10: Excellent Starter Pets

Snakes can be tricky to look after properly. Many species require very specific living conditions and can suffer from ill health if everything is not just right. Others can grow very large, making it difficult to provide a suitable habitat for them, along with everything else that they need. The more challenging species are usually only kept by experts that know what they are doing, but everybody has to start somewhere.

The garter snake is a much easier to take care of. Providing a suitable habitat for them is easily done, and they will usually take food with little problem. They are relatively small, meaning not a lot of space is required to keep them. Their bites are also harmless and not particularly painful, making them suitable pets for younger people.

If you are considering keeping a snake as a pet but have not kept one before, a garter snake makes an excellent choice.

Garter Snake

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