Top 10 Frilled Shark Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 16 Feb, 2018

There is one part of our planet that is so foreign to us, it could be mistaken for another planet altogether. Some of the creatures living there, in the depths of the ocean, could also be mistaken as coming from another planet.

One such creature is the frilled shark. With a mouth packed with razor sharp teeth, it looks as fearsome as any animal on Earth. Fortunately, it lives too deep down to do us any harm. Because it lives so deep down in our oceans, we know very little about it, but frilled sharks are occasionally found by fishermen. We have even been lucky enough to have filmed them in their natural habitat.

The more we get to learn about the frilled shark, the more we are fascinated by it.

Frilled Shark Fact #10: Mouths are Packed with Teeth

Sharks have mouths packed with teeth. That won’t come as a surprise to anybody, but just how many teeth they have can be surprising. A shark’s jaws are powerful and have struck fear into the hearts of sea goers for generations. As with many animals, a shark’s teeth are essential for hunting and eating. The shark needs a lot of teeth in order to grip, tear and slice its prey.

The frilled shark’s mouth is lined with hundreds of trident shaped teeth that point backwards into the mouth. Twenty-five rows of these teeth mean that once one is too close, there is no getting away. These teeth are made for holding on, and they are extremely effective at their job.

Frilled Shark

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