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Author By: Jamie Finch on 04 Feb, 2018

While estimates vary, it is thought that man’s best friend first became our friend some 15,000 years ago. This is long before the first known civilisations, at a time when we would have still been living in small groups.

One theory is that we actively caught and tamed wild wolves for domestication. Another theory is that wolves began to live around mankind as we were a source of food. In return for our scraps, the wolves would have provided protection from wild animals such as bears and big cats. Over time, the relationship grew stronger and they soon became an integral part of our lives.

Dogs were great to have around. Not only did they offer protection, they also had other characteristics that were useful to us. Their sense of smell, versatility, intelligence and bravery meant that they were able to fulfil various roles for us.

As dogs were domesticated, so we started selecting which ones we would choose for breeding to create offspring that had particular traits. This selective breeding lead to numerous different dog breeds, all of which had different characteristics. Some were bred to be large and powerful for our protection. Other were small and tenacious for ratting. The different requirements varied considerably. Some dog breeds became more popular than others, and here’s a look at some of the most popular dog breeds today.

Popular Dog Breeds #10: Bulldog

The first known mention of the bulldog was around 1500. This breed was originally bred for bull-baiting, a sport which would see them competing against other dogs to bring down a full-grown bull. Considering the bulls were so much larger than the dog, they had to be a tough and brave breed that had a vicious temperament. They were also used for bear baiting and once the cruel practice of baiting for sport was made illegal in Britain, they still saw some popularity for rounding up wild bears to protect citizens in the new world.

The bulldog is a gentler breed nowadays and makes a great family pet, although they’ve still retained their ruggedness and bravery. Such is their reputation that the breed has become synonymous with resilience and a never give up attitude. They are a popular breed that can be found around the world.

Not being keen on exercise, bulldogs are not a particularly demanding breed, although they should still be giving some exercise where possible to help maintain their health.

Dog Breeds

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