Top 10 Dodo Bird Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 19 Feb, 2018

Man’s impact on earth has had a devastating effect on many of the animals that we share our planet with. Many species, even those that were once numerous are now barely hanging on for survival, while others have become extinct, never to be seen again. Us humans have, as a result, become more aware of the damage that we are doing to our planet and efforts have been made to stop and reverse the harm that we are doing. Some individual species have been given protection to help their survival but for some it is too late. One example is the dodo, and they now stand as a symbol of the harm that mankind is capable of.

The dodo was a large, flightless bird. They stood at around one meter tall, and would weigh around an estimated 23-32lbs. Having evolved to live on an island with no natural predators, they knew no reason to fear the Dutch sailors that arrived on their land. They would just walk right up to the sailors, completely unaware that the sailors had any malicious intentions toward them.

While the dodo is often used as a symbol of extinction and the need for preservation, it was also a fascinating animal in its own right and we have also learned some fascinating facts about them.

Dodo Bird Fact #10: Lived in Mauritius

Usually when an animal is well suited to its environment, it will spread far and wide. As they meet changing environments, populations will evolve to adapt to these environments. The result is often a species with sub-species that can be found throughout a continent, or even worldwide. This is not always possible though, as there may be natural barriers or other reasons preventing the population from spreading. In the case of the dodo, this natural barrier was the ocean.

It is thought that the story of the dodo would have begun at some point during the last ice age. A flock of pigeons that had lost their way found the island, and made it their home. Isolated, they would have begun evolving according to their new environment, and the result was what we now know as the dodo. It was a specialized species that was perfectly adapted to their environment. This however, also meant that they became a victim of change.

Dodo Bird

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