Top 10 Cottonmouth Snake Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 08 Jun, 2018

Cottonmouth Snake Fact #9: A Venomous Species

The cottonmouth is a venomous snake species, and should be treated with caution at all times. Their venom is a hemotoxin, which means that it prevents your blood from clotting. This causes internal haemorrhaging and has the potential to be fatal if not treated. Irreparable damage to bodily tissues can be caused if treatment is not sought in time, and the amputation of limbs is sometimes necessary.

The good news is that although their venom can do some serious damage, fatalities are rare. The venom is generally not potent enough to be a danger, especially considering that medical assistance is often not far away. Still, though, there is a risk of death in some circumstances and it is best not to take any risks. Even the excruciating pain of a bite should be enough to avoid coming into contact with a cottonmouth where possible.

Cottonmouth Snake

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