Top 10 Cottonmouth Snake Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 08 Jun, 2018

Parts of the South Eastern region of The United States are known for their aquatic environments. The everglades are an example of a watery wilderness that is home to all sorts of creatures. The region’s famous alligators make their home here, as well as countless other animals that bring visitors in droves to get a glimpse of the magnificent wildlife. It’s not just in the everglades that wildlife is found, a wide variety of amazing plants and animals can be found throughout the region.

In a habitat with so many animals, you can expect to find snakes. The region is home to a wide variety of different snakes, including one in particular that is well-known to the locals. In the lakes, rivers and marshlands of south eastern states of America, you will find the cottonmouth snake. It is a species that has become perfectly adapted to life in its environment, and has thrived in conditions that are ideal for them.

They are not an aggressive breed and tend to keep clear of people, so you might need to go in search of them. Go exploring in a watery environment, though, and you will likely come across one. They are fascinating creatures, and come with some fascinating facts.

Cottonmouth Snake Fact #10: Aquatic Creatures

Snakes are very successful creatures worldwide and have been able to adapt to numerous different environments. Water is no exception and the cottonmouth is a species that has adapted very well to aquatic conditions. Although many snake species have evolved to adapt to aquatic conditions, the cottonmouth is the only member of the viper family that has done so.

Water is generally a bounty of food so such an environment is a good place to adapt to. Fish, frogs and countless other small animals make their home in and around the water, making a plentiful larder for a hungry snake.

Cottonmouths will often be found near the water’s edge, basking on rocks or hiding in the undergrowth, waiting to slither into the water looking for their next meal. They are even adept at fishing and will corner their prey into the shallows, where they can then get into striking distance.

Cottonmouth Snake

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