Top 10 Cheetah Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 25 Feb, 2018

Being fast is very beneficial when in the wild. Not only can it help you to keep away from animals that might want to eat you, it can also help you to catch food. All over the world, this has led to an evolutionary arms race as predator and prey continually evolve to be able to outrun each other. On the plains of Africa, this race is currently being won by a predator which is the fastest land animal on the whole planet. It is of course the cheetah, which is famed for being able to reach extraordinary speeds when running. It is also among the most popular of all animals in Africa, and one which draws in safari seekers from far and wide.

Relatively speaking, the cheetah is actually quite small but is still a fearsome predator that uses its blinding speed to run down prey. Even though it is an efficient hunter, they are also hunted themselves by more powerful predators such as lions. While a lion would have little chance of catching a grown cheetah, their cubs are very vulnerable. Cheetahs are also often bullied out of their kills by lions and other predators such as leopards and hyena.

These magnificent animals have long been of interest to people all over the world as they are associated with some amazing facts.

Cheetah Fact #10: Fastest Land Animal

Cheetahs are very fast. In fact, there is no animal on earth that can run faster than a cheetah can over short distances. The only other animals that are able to reach higher speeds are some birds and the Marlin. The cheetah can reach a top speed of around 70mph and can accelerate from 0-60 in three seconds, which is similar performance to a sports car.

Speed is the cheetah’s specialty, and its whole body has evolved to help it to reach these high velocities. Muscular yet slim, it is streamlined to cut through the air like a knife through butter. Their long, flexible spines help them to get as much power behind their legs as possible, and their non-retractable claws and traction pads on their feet offer the cheetah as much grip as possible. The whole animal is an example of how evolution continually makes any improvements it can over time.


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