Top 10 Burmese Python Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 14 Jun, 2018

You will find the largest wild snake in North America in the Florida everglades. It can grow to incredible lengths, and challenges even the mighty alligator for the spot of top predator. It may even feast on alligators when given the opportunity, albeit it not on fully-grown adults. It is the Burmese python and it is a very impressive beast. It is not, however, native to America and actually comes from the jungles of Asia. Well suited to the environment, however, some Burmese pythons have been able to thrive in parts of America after escaping captivity or being released by their keepers.

People are more likely to be aware of the Burmese python from zoos. They are large, impressive and attractive animals, causing them to be in high demand among enthusiasts. Their beautiful skins also put them in high demand in the fashion industry, with designers wanting to use their skins for bags, shoes and even wallets.

Regardless of how you come across a Burmese python, it will be difficult not to be awed by their size and appearance. They truly are fascinating creatures, and they come with some fascinating facts.

Burmese Python Fact #10: Grow Very Large

As the name suggests, the Burmese python belongs to the python family, of which there are some real monsters. While it does not grow as long as the longest python, the reticulated python, they can still reach 23 feet in length. A healthy python can also grow to be as thick as a telephone pole, helping them to weigh in at a massive 200 lbs. While some keen snake collectors are more than happy to handle snakes, it can take more than one person to handle a full-grown Burmese python.

Such a large animal needs a lot of food, and the Burmese python can consume some very large meals. While full grown alligators are a bit too much for them, younger specimens are still on the menu. They are also known to take prey as large as wild pigs and deer, and can also be a threat to livestock and domestic pets.

Burmese Python

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