Top 10 Bull Shark Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 23 Feb, 2018

When in the ocean, many of us are aware of the possibility of sharks being around. In certain parts of the world shark sightings are quite common, leading to apprehension about getting into the water. Sharks are ocean going creatures, meaning that you are not at risk if you are swimming in a river or a stream. Or does it? There is one shark species that will often leave the oceans and swim into freshwater, and it is not a shark to be messed with. It is the bull shark, and it has been responsible for a number of attacks on people.

The bull shark is a powerful animal and with the greatest bite force of all shark species, it is capable of doing us humans serious harm. Its habit of swimming in the shallows near the coast and swimming along rivers means that it is possible they will come into contact with us. The good news is that they don’t consider us to be prey and are likely to give us a warning to let us know that it is time to leave.

Despite their reputation as mindless killers, the bull shark is a very fascinating animal and as you might expect, comes with some very interesting facts.

Bull Shark Fact #10: Large, Powerful Animals

Bull sharks are very large animals. They may not be as long as the famous great white, or even as long as the hammerhead, but they are still not an animal to be messed with. Generally speaking, male bull sharks will reach around 7.3 feet in length, weighing around 209 lbs. The females are even larger, measuring around 7.8 feet long, and weighing 285 pounds. Although often unconfirmed, reports of bull sharks measuring around 11 feet are not uncommon, and there was one recorded female specimen that measured 13.1 feet long. The maximum recorded weight is 694lb, although this may have been an underestimate.

While bull sharks are smaller than a lot of the larger shark species, they do tend to have thicker, more powerful bodies. They also have very powerful bites that have the ability to cause a lot of damage. Regardless of their comparison with other sharks, they are still large, powerful animals and should be respected at all times.

Bull Shark

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