Top 10 Boa Constrictor Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 26 Jun, 2018

The thick tropical jungles of South America are home to a huge variety of plants and animals of all shapes and sizes. The hot and humid climate makes it an ideal home for reptiles, and some of the world’s best-known snake species, some of which can grow to truly gigantic sizes. One such species is the boa constrictor and, although not as large as some of the true giants of the snake world, they can still reach some very impressive lengths. They live among the trees of the thick jungles, where they like to lay in wait for their next meal.

Most of us are more likely to see a boa constrictor in a zoo than in their natural habitat. They also make popular pets among snake enthusiasts, so you may even find one living in somebody’s home. The indigenous tribes of the South American rain forests also like to have them around to help keep the pest population down.

Boa constrictors are beautiful animals that live amazing lives where they come from. This amazing animal is also associated with some amazing facts.

Boa Constrictor Fact #10: Solitary Creatures

Many animals are social creatures that live in groups with others of the same species, and sometimes even those of other species. This gives them a number of advantages. Sheer numbers offer safety for individuals. They can also work together to overcome threats and obstacles. Not all animals choose such a tactic, though, with many species choosing to go it alone instead.

The boa constrictor is one of many species that lives alone rather than in social groups. Instead of finding safety in groups, they use camouflage and tend to stay out of reach of potential danger. They are also inclined to hunt at night when the cover of darkness gives them extra security. They come together occasionally, particularly when it is time to breed. Once copulation has been achieved, however, they part ways and continue to live their solitary lives.

Boa Constrictor

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