Top 10 Blue Whale Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 05 Jul, 2018

Approximately 70% of our planet is covered by ocean. This makes for vast watery habitats teeming with life. Life here is tough, with little to no shelter. Animals risk being snapped up as a meal at any moment. To overcome this, some animals have resorted to tactics that give them a greater chance of survival. Some seek shelter in corals and other such sanctuaries. Others form large groups that provide safety in numbers. Some species have evolved to grow large, very large, so large that little else could pose a threat to them.

The blue whale is one species that has grown so large it is able to roam the oceans with little fear of harm from others. At least, that’s how it was until man developed the ability and desire to hunt them. They have been hunted to near extinction but, thankfully, international efforts have halted the rapid decline in their numbers. Future generations might even see their numbers restored to similar levels than before they were hunted so mercilessly.

They are the largest animal ever to have lived on Earth, and they are incredible creatures. They also come with many incredible facts.

Blue Whale Fact #10: Largest Animal Ever

When we think of giant animals, we tend to think of the dinosaurs that roamed the earth millions of years ago. The dinosaurs are no longer with us, but there are some giants that still call planet Earth their home. As a matter of fact, the Earth is currently home to the largest animal that has ever lived here, the blue whale. It is the largest known animal ever to have lived on our planet. It is large enough to make a lot of dinosaurs look small in comparison.

Blue whales can reach a whopping 100 feet long, with the largest individual recorded at an astonishing 108 feet. Not only are they very long, their bodies are also very thick-set, helping them weigh in at an incredible 200 tonnes (220 tons). That’s as much as 25-30 full grown African bull elephants.

Blue Whale

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